Monday, November 4, 2013

All About J. Herbro

Trade-Only Flooring Industry Professionals

J. Herbro has been an integral part of New Jersey interior design since their opening over forty years ago. After forty years of exceptional service in the flooring industry, we at J Herbro continue to set our standards higher and higher. At J Herbro, we work for YOU, the interior designer directly, we do not sell to the public and J. Herbro becomes your exclusive resource for your design business. Bring in your fabrics, color choices and concept into our luxurious showroom and we can help you pull it all together. We work exclusively for you and represent you; we will never talk to your customer or deal with the general public, J. Herbro is a trade only supplier.

Our selection, design and service is un-matched in the industry, and our reliability continues to build our interior design clients confidence. From project concept to completion, we work for you by working with you. We carry all major carpet lines, and many specialty and exclusive brands. We stand behind what we sell, and make sure that your client receives professional guaranteed installation. We will use our years of experience to give you expert advice on every aspect of your flooring project. J. Herbro specializes in custom fabrication to get you the most creative idea for your project. J Herbro is a family owned business and that specialize

Make an appointment to visit our showroom and see how the textures, vast array of color, and lighting combine and interact with your plans and are within the structural requirements of their plans.